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Insurance replacement valuation: This appraisal is supplied to the insurance company and includes the information the insurance company needs to correctly insure and replace lost or stolen jewelry.

Appraisal Service Fee: $165 per appraisal. Maximum three appraisals per visit and appraisals are done while you wait. Please call to setup an appointment for an appraisal. For engagement rings and large center diamonds, please bring a diamond certificate if available and any supporting purchase documents with you, for confirmation of speed of appraisal issuance. 

Quantity appraisal discounts are available.

Question: If the retail jeweler issues an appraisal for jewelry that is higher than what he charged me, is this ethical?

Answer : Yes it is ethical if the jeweler stated he sold the jewelry and issued the appraisal. In addition, price is based on the market. If you saw an item of jewelry for ahigher price, and next week it went on sale for 50% off the previous price, what is the real price?

If you purchased an item of jewelry 30% below the regular retail prices, should the appraisal list the price you paid or the market price, which is 30% higher? You must understand the product and the current market prices to fully understand how your jewelry should be appraised.

To get your jewelry insured, you need an appraisal from your appraiser, gemologist or jeweler. Submit the appraisal along with a photocopy of the gem laboratory diamond certificate if available to the insurance company of your choice. Based on your insurance company and type of policy, you have a choiceof coverage. Please study your insurance policy and ask your insurance agent questions to get the best coverage to protect your diamond and jewelry purchase. Your insurance coverage is based on the appraisal information.