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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canos?

Cano's is a full service jeweler providing loose diamonds and diamond bridal jeweler at a 30% savings compared to any jeweler in San Angelo.

Over 40 years’ experience as watch and jewelry repair craftsmen.

A full service PCGS and NGC certified coin dealer

A full service appraiser of quality coin and jewelry collections

A full service buyer of family estates to include real estate, art and collectibles

Just a real neat and different place to do business.

Why should I do business with Cano's

We are independent jewelers buying our loose diamonds from the largest diamond cutter in the world located in Ramat Gan Israel. Our estate inventory includes item purchased around the world in auctions, liquidations or estates. We have at our disposal over 2400 fellow independent jewelers’ through-out the world in a formed
CO-OP trading group to assist you in locating any item you may need.

Being we are an independent family owned business we have the freedom to do business without any large corporate fixed pricing.

West Texas most trusted name when buying, selling or trading quality jewelry and coin collections.

Why are you closed at times when your suppose to be open?

We work closely with our customers to schedule our closures. However, our family is
important to us, as everyone can sympathize with the statement “Life Happens”.
There are occasions that make it impossible to be open while dealing with
family illness or other issues.

Do you sell online or over the phone?

No, due to the personal nature of our business and subjective and varied taste of
customers when it comes to diamonds, jewelry or coins, it is better done, as
said in the military “eyes on” and “hands on”

Will you ship items?

In some rare cases we will ship out items – especially when it comes to serving our active duty members overseas. Please contact Cano’s with any concerns.

Do you have a military discount?

Do we have a military discount? That’s like asking if Santa is fat.  I served along the BEST in world. So I William Cano personally offer active duty and retired military the “BEST” discount I can offer depending on the item being sold. The discount can be 5%
to 80% depending on the item.

Do you custom make jewelry?

Yes, we do, please give us in most cases 4-6 weeks to design, create and deliver an
item to you. We still hand carve many of our waxes for our designs

I think I want to sell some items?

We offer free no commitment verbal appraisals for your items.

We offer private appointments in our office, your home, bank or office.

A valid Texas Drivers license or government issued ID is needed for all transactions

Do you file 1099's or Federal Form 8300.

As required by law we file and issue 1099’s or Form 8300 if needed.

We came to your store once and we never heard from you again?

Unless you wish for us to contact you, we will not call, email, or mail you. Now if you
leave us your contact information – Heaven help you – you will be invited to
birthday parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, UFO sightings and BBQ’s. Ok, not that

Do you trade and or barter?

Do monkeys eat bananas? We will trade as long as it does not eat or poop.  

And if it does eat and poop it has to be legal to eat in the Great State of Texas. We do
barter for services.

Just give us a call or email for any questions you may have.


Do you carry loose diamonds?

We carry many of the most popular cut and weights of diamonds in stock. In many cases we can have a diamond for your review within 24 hours if not available our